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Has someone ever asked you to stop slouching and keep your back straight? If yes, you should definitely listen to their advice. Not only slouching but there are many other small things that we do in our day to day life, which can have a negative impact on your spine. The human spine has a natural curve that allows you to move your back to some extent, however certain activities can cause your spine to bend, even more, leading to serious problems. In this blog, we have discussed 4 tips that can help you to straighten your spine, with the help of the experts from the top spine surgery hospital in Mumbai.

Keep stretching - Over the years, with the advancement in technology, life has become much easier. Most of us do not even have to step in the field, but rather sit in front of our computers all day long. With the advent of new machines and equipment, humans are becoming lazier and lazier. This has promoted a stagnant lifestyle, which further gained momentum during the lockdown. However, what we do not realize is that a stagnant lifestyle is an open door to various health issues including spine problems. You must be wondering how sitting all day is going to impact to spine, after all, it might be getting all the rest that it needs. Well, that is not the case. Just like your legs become stiff by sitting in the same place for a long period of time, your spine can too. As such it is very important to stretch your back every now and then. You neither need any special equipment nor any fancy corner to do it. Just take a stroll around your work area, bend over to touch you a couple of times and stretch back with your hands on your hips. Try this for a week and you will see the results for yourself.

Step from the Virtual world into the real - For how long can you stay away from your phone?

An hour or a day maybe but for most of us, given that is not possible as we are hooked to our smartphones. While going through the release we don't even realize how much time has passed by. From your phone screen to the laptop screen and then to the television screen, we have all confined ourselves to the walls of our home. In fact, some people are so addicted to their phones that even the mere thought of putting them away scares them. This not only holds to for adults but for children as well. A lot of people coming for spine pain treatment in Thane having found to be addicted to their phones, which clearly suggests that it is high time to disconnect from the virtual world and step into reality.

Choose your footgear wisely - This is especially for the women out there who love to wear heels. Your feet have to carry the weight of your whole body, making it extremely important to take proper care of them. It all started by choosing the right shoe with a good sole. And you should not only be concerned about what shoes to wear outside your house but also what you wear when you are moving around in your home or apartment. Instead of going for the regular slippers, you can always try supportive indoor shoes, which will not only help you keep your feet warm but will also help to support the game. Wearing heels may seem fancy, but their adverse effects are not fancy at all. Excessive use of heels can put unnecessary strain on your lower back and drastically impact your posture. Why you are buying new shoes check the soul and make sure that it is neither too soft nor too hard. If you are finding it difficult to find the right shoes can always take help from an expert.

Maintain the right posture while sitting - Even while you are sitting, there is a proper posture that should be followed. Keep your back straight and do not curve it. For instance, when you are sitting at a dining table, make sure that you do not bend down on the table, but rather rest your back against the chair. Even while watching television and sitting on the couch in your living room, make sure that you keep your back rested properly.

You know more about how you can keep your back straight, consult Jupiter expert today.