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There is a wide spectrum of diseases and ailments that can interfere with the normal functioning of the liver and some of these can affect small children too. Experts specializing in pediatric liver transplants in Thane suggest that the risks of many such conditions can be easily alleviated by simple lifestyle modifications. People say that it's never too late to bring about a positive change in your lifestyle, but we also believe that it's never too early to do so. No matter what your age, incorporating healthy habits in your day-to-day routine can benefit you in multiple ways. The earlier you start, the better it is because habits developed at a young age stay with you forever.

So, here are some liver-friendly habits recommended by the experts from the best hospital in Pune, that you need to teach your little ones:

Wholesome Nutrition - Children are in a growing stage, and as such need proper diet and nutrition to aid their physical and mental development. Junk food addiction has, however, been a major setback to this. Every now and then you will see children skipping their meals or being very fussy about the same because they want noodles, chocolates and chips instead. It may be difficult for small children to understand how these will impact their liver, as well as their overall health in the long run, but being parents, it is your responsibility to make them aware of the importance of healthy eating.

When you are preparing meals or snacks for your little ones, focus on using fresh fruits, veggies, raw dairy products, pastured poultry products, whole grain foods and natural protein. Ask your child to help you in the kitchen when you are preparing the food and talk about the nutritional value and importance of every ingredient.

Focus on physical activities and sports- The problem of obesity is not only common in adults but in children as well and it is one of the leading risk factors for many liver ailments. You will see a lot of school-going kids who weigh way more than they should and while unhealthy eating habits may be a contributing factor, an inactive lifestyle also plays a major role in it. Do you know what the main reason for this is? Well, many parents introduced their children to gadgets like mobile phones, television and laptops at a very early age. You may have even seen some people bragging about how their little ones can you such gadgets much better than they can. But many people don't realise that by doing this they are just promoting an inactive lifestyle because now, instead of going out and playing in the ground, their children are just sitting in one place, playing video games or watching cartoons. Experts specialising in liver transplants in Mumbai have immensely emphasised the importance of an active lifestyle for regulating a child's overall health. You need to encourage your little ones to go out and indulge in physical activities, games and sports.

Rest and sleep - Be it an adult or a child, proper rest and a good night's sleep are important for everyone. You need to make sure that your child is getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This gives their liver enough time to generate new cells and repair any damage. If your child wants to take a nap during the daytime, make sure that it is around 10 to 20 mins long, or this will disturb their sleep cycle at night.

With the increased prevalence of many unhealthy habits that can have a drastic impact on the liver, it has become more important than ever to mend our lifestyle and teach our children the importance of healthy living. If you wish to no more about pediatric liver diseases, you can consult the experts from the best hospital in Pune today.