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Back pain is the most common problem in young adults these days. Most parents believe that it is due to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits. However, there can be multiple other options to consider. Parents also believe that it is not healthy to complain about back pain in childhood. However, the statistics still show that 30 out of 100 children experience back pain, but very few consult a doctor.

Some common reasons for back pain in children can be reduced physical activity, being overweight, excessive physical activity, carrying heavy backpacks etc.

Many parents do not consider back pain a serious problem in children and treat them with pain removal sprays. However, if looked into the matter seriously, back pain can be a severe cause of concern even in children, and there are multiple reasons for that.

Here is the list of all the possible reasons why a child can experience severe back pain, with the help of the experts from the top spine surgery hospital in Mumbai.

Disc slip problem

Disc herniation is not a problem that easily occurs in children as it is mainly found in adults, but it can happen in children who carry excessive weights. Experts specializing in spine pain treatment in Mumbai suggest that the symptoms for Disc herniation in children can be a pain in the legs, weakness or numbness in the legs, problems while sitting, standing and bending can also be there.

It is a serious problem that occurs when the cushion between the vertebral column is ruptured, and the disc material is pushed out of its original position. An MRI test and X-ray is the most helpful diagnosis for Disc herniation.

Stress fracture

It occurs when the bone in the spine is injured, commonly called ‘Spondylosis’. Such fractures happen to be caused in adolescents as they indulge in heavy sports activities and gymnasiums where a lot of bending is required.

The benefit of creating a stress fracture in children and adolescents is that it can be treated non-surgically and be better without much invasive treatment.


Infections can have multiple symptoms at the same time, and they are difficult to diagnose. The most common symptoms start from general fever to non-localised heavy pain in the back. It can occur due to inflammation in the spine or due to elevated white blood cell count. It is diagnosed with standard blood tests and cured with the treatment of antibiotics. If antibiotics don’t go well, surgery is considered.

Surgery is one of the last options that a doctor can suggest for final infections. However, it is only done when the infection has completely ruptured the spinal structure or when antibiotics fail to control it.

Strains and sprains

Young children and adolescents most often indulge in excessive sports activities, which can cause muscular strains, ligament strains and overuse injuries. Most often, children with bad posture also happen to have muscular back pain. This is very common in children and can be treated with pain removal sprays and gel.

These can not be diagnosed with imaging tests. However, as it is a common issue, it does not need to be worried about and can easily be cured with physical therapy, hot massages, stretching programs, and yoga.

Spinal deformity

This condition causes an abnormal curvature of the spine leading to excessive pain. Some conditions like Juvenile Scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Kyphosis do not even cause noticeable pain, and they are even hard to detect. The symptoms of spinal deformities include loss of sensation or weakness of legs and arms. It can be caused by genetic defects, infections, accidents, inflammatory diseases, osteoporosis and most commonly due to poor posture of the body. This can easily be treated with oral medications and vitamin supplements with physical therapy and yoga.


Several infections and inflammation in the spinal region can cause tumours in the spinal column, which can cause significant pain. However, at many times tumours are found without any symptoms. Some of the issues that can be a red flag to a tumour are night pain, general illness, and weight loss. Common tests and imaging tests help to determine tumours. Even for non-cancerous tumours, the treatment option requires surgery as untreated tumours can lead to multiple serious issues causing deformities of the spine. If cancerous, medications, radiation, and surgery can cure cancerous tumours in the spinal area.

Back pain is not unusual as it is becoming more and more common these days. So, it should not be avoided at any cost. Parents need to be more aware of the activities of their children and their lifestyle. If the child complains about persistent back pains, it is an alert for so many worries. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment can cure any deformity causing back pain. Parents can also help their children involve in treatment programs such as yoga, stretching activities, and healthy physical activities, causing less discomfort to their back. For any assistance or guidance, you can consult the experts from the best spine surgery hospital in India.