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We all know that skin cancer is marked by the abnormal growth and development of skin cells that eventually results in the formation of a lesion or tumour. However, there are several other facts related to the malignancy that many people do not know. This lack of proper information and awareness can give rise to many misconceptions and myths, some of which might even prevent the patients from seeking proper care. There are a few basic facts related to skin cancer that one must know. We have discussed some of these in this blog with the help of experts specializing in oncology treatment in Mumbai.

You can develop skin cancer more than once - Just like many other malignancy skin cancer can be recurrent as well. Having a particular type of skin cancer does not mean that you cannot have any other type in future. For instance, if you develop basal cell carcinoma, you can develop squamous cell carcinoma as well. Even if you have undergone treatment for one type of skin cancer, you need to be vigilant and look out for the smallest of symptoms. You should also make it a point to go for regular evaluations in assessments as this will help to catch the early signs of any new malignancy, thereby making it easier to treat the same.

A dark mole is not the only sign of skin cancer - There is a very popular misconception that cancer always presents itself in the form of a dark and unevenly shaped mole. Although it could be an indication but not always. You will be surprised to know that some people might even have pink moles which may not necessarily bleed or itch. Experts specializing in cancer treatment in Pune suggest that many patients suffering from skin cancer are asymptomatic initially. Some people may even confuse the moles for insect bites because they are so light.

Your complexion does not determine whether you can have skin cancer or not - A lot of people think that they cannot have skin cancer if they are not fair-toned. This is probably due to the fact that people with fair skin tend to have less melanin as compared to those with darker skin tones. No doubt being fair increases your risks of developing skin cancer but this does not mean that you are risks are completely zero if you are dark-toned. So it is better to be vigilant and look out for the symptoms irrespective of your skin tone.

Things you do as a youngster impact your chances of developing skin cancer - When we are young and active, we tend to be more exposed to the sun as compared to when we are old. The reason behind this is that elderly people tend to spend most of their days sitting inside and are hardly exposed to the harmful radiation of the sun. Hence it is very important to protect our skin from UV radiation from the very beginning by applying sunscreen and using various others protection measures. Make it a point to apply sunscreen on your neck and hands as well.

Sunscreen, alone, cannot always protect you - The top oncologists in Pune suggest that applying sunscreen can help to lower the risks of developing skin cancer, but it does not offer complete protection. You cannot just go out in the sun, every day, wearing sunscreen and thinking that you are immune to developing the problem. You need to be a little more protective in that regard. It is advisable to use a hat, cap or scarf to cover yourself up. Avoid going out during the peak hours and choose early morning or evening for stepping out.

Excess of everything is bad, Vitamin D included - Many people prefer sitting in the sun to build up their Vitamin D levels but many people do not know the exact amount of Vitamin D that they need and they end up overexposing themselves to the sun. Instead of sitting under the sun for hours, you can rather opt for a supplement that is easily available in the market. The best part about using these is that their dosage can be managed effectively.

If you wish to know more about skin cancer and how you can prevent the risks of the same or want to explore the various treatment options that can help in the effective management of the condition, consult experts from the best hospital in Thane today.