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Our heart is a very complicated organ and its normal functioning is vital for our existence. The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout our body and beats 24/7 to keep us alive. There are many conditions and ailments that can disrupt the normal working of the heart, giving rise to serious complications. Over the past few decades, heart problems have become very common and a leading cause of mortality in our country. Top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai suggest that this is due to increasing adherence to unhealthy eating habits and stagnant lifestyle, which are becoming a trend nowadays. The situation is such that most of us need to see a cardiologist at least once in our life, and maybe you must have even thought about booking an appointment but given up the thought later thinking 'It ain't that serious'.


Well, it is this habit of ignoring the symptoms and taking your health for granted that has contributed to the ever-increasing cases of heart problems in people nowadays. Our body has its own ways of telling us that something is not right, and all we need to do is listen and seek immediate medical help. Experts from the leading heart treatment Hospital in Pune suggest that many heart complications can be easily avoided if people start watching out for symptoms and bring this to the notice of an expert at the earliest.


In this blog, we have mentioned 6 reasons that point towards the need of seeing a cardiologist, with the help of experts from the best hospital in India.


1. You have been referred to see a cardiologist by your primary care physician - There are very high chances of your family doctor spotting a red flag during your regular checkup. If you have been recommended to go and see a cardiologist it is because your family doctor suspects some heart problem that requires proper evaluation and assessment.


2. Having a family history of heart diseases - As per the leading cardiac surgeons in Mumbai, the genetic component of heart diseases can be very strong and easily passed on to the next generations. So, if any member of your family tree has been detected with a chronic heart problem like high cholesterol and hypertension, you fall in the risk category as well.


3. Hypertension - Having high blood pressure can drastically impact your blood vessels and if your blood pressure has been trending up lately, it is high time to see a doctor and get it under control. It is pertinent to note that high blood pressure can put you at a high risk of serious heart diseases including stroke.


4. Elevated cholesterol levels - Unlike many other problems, high cholesterol does not usually induce any symptom unless the problem has become very severe. It is due to this very reason that the problem is quite hard to detect and manage. You should go for regular assessments to make sure that the numbers are under control and make lifestyle changes to ensure that these do not cross the healthy mark.


5. Preeclampsia - The risks of heart disease are elevated in women with a history of preeclampsia. The condition is marked by high blood pressure during pregnancy or after childbirth. This can also give rise to other complications like preterm delivery. Women who have experienced preeclampsia need to go for regular heart assessment.


6. Committing to a new exercise routine - if you are following an exercise routine for a very long time and suddenly plan to make changes in it, you should definitely consult an expert before doing so. Making abrupt and sudden changes in your exercise routine is not advisable and you are a newbie, it is better to engage in mild to moderate exercise first. You should always consider seeing a doctor to make sure that you do not have any underlying heart problem that could get aggravated by your exercise routine.