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The first weight loss surgery was performed in the year 1954 and ever since then, the procedure has evolved tremendously, with the advent of several different techniques and modalities that have made the dream of weight loss a reality for countless people across the globe.

Obesity: A growing concern

Obesity is a global epidemic that affects nearly 13 per cent of the adult population. Experts specializing in bariatric surgery in Pune suggest that it is not only the rates that are alarming but the fact that they are continuously increasing. All thanks to the unhealthy lifestyle practices and eating habits that are eminent nowadays.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is an umbrella term used for various surgical interventions that aim at surgically reducing the size of the patient's stomach to reduce their appetite and decrease the absorption of nutrients that can contribute to making them fat.

Why bariatric surgery?

Now, you must be wondering why bariatric surgery when you can opt for diet and exercise. As per the top bariatric surgeons in Thane, a combination of diet and exercise can help you to effectively and safely lose those extra pounds but it can take years to do so. The process is slow and gradual and requires immense consistency and determination. It's not like people have not done it before, but if you do not have much time on your hands and need to lose weight immediately, bariatric surgery is the best option. Undergoing the procedure can help you get rid of nearly 72 to 80 per cent of the unnecessary body weight.

Benefits beyond weight loss

Now, we all know that bariatric surgery helps us to lose weight, but there is more to the procedure than just weight loss. There are many other benefits of bariatric surgery that are not often highlighted. In this blog, we have pointed out some of these with the help of experts from the best hospital in India.

  • Long-term remission of type II diabetes - Remission means that a person's blood sugar levels are within the healthy mark and have not gone above the diabetic range. A study suggests that undergoing bariatric surgery can help in the remission of type II diabetes for a long period of time. The procedure can prove to be extremely beneficial for obese people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The procedure might even help to alleviate the need for medication and insulin.
  • Enhanced heart health - It is a very well-known fact that obesity has been linked with a variety of serious heart conditions including heart attack and stroke. Undergoing the surgery can help you get rid of the problem by preventing the risks of clotting, and atherosclerosis. This will also help to improve the circulation of blood in the body which will further strengthen your heart muscles.
  • Bidding adieu to depression and stress - Poor body image and social stigmas related to obesity are the leading causes of depression in our youth. This makes people believe that they won’t get a good job or a desirable life partner and some might even be facing the fear of infertility. This can be psychologically and emotionally overwhelming. Many people just restrict themselves to their homes ad they feel too embarrassed to face the world. Undergoing bariatric surgery can help you bid adieu to the problem as well as the stress that has been caused by it.
  • Bringing down the risks of obstructive sleep apnea - OBS is a potentially life-threatening condition marked by sudden pauses in breathing while you are asleep and is characterized by loud snoring. Obesity happens to be a leading risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea and experts suggest that bariatric surgery can help you lose weight, thereby lowering the risks of the same.
  • Relief from joint pain - The extra weight that you are carrying puts an additional burden on your joints as well, thereby leading to increased wear and tear. It is due to this very reason that obese people are more prone to joint pain and related problems. Getting the surgery done can help you lead a pain-free life by helping you shed the pounds that are weighing you down.

To know more about bariatric surgery and how it can help you, consult the experts from the best hospital in India today.