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Cancer is a life-threatening disease that affects millions across the globe. It is marked by the uncontrollable growth of cells in any part of the body, which can gradually metastasize to other areas as well. The disease is progressive in nature, however, the rate of progress varies from one person to another, depending upon the type of cancer and several other factors. As per the experts specialising in oncology treatment in Mumbai, early detection and treatment are crucial for the effective management of any cancer as this does not give it enough time to progress.

People usually talk about the causes, symptoms and risk factors of cancer but, in this blog, we have elaborated on a topic that is not much talked about - how cancer affects our body and the complications associated with it.

Let us first try to understand how cancer progresses.

Our body is constantly regenerating cells to replace the damaged ones. The process is natural and very important to keep us fit and healthy. It is the immune system which detects abnormal or diseased cells and destroys them, paving way for the production of new ones. The cells tend to divide and grow, helping our organs and tissues to recover from any disease, injury or even ageing.

In the case of patients suffering from cancer, there are certain mutations in the DNA of the cells, which cause them to grow uncontrollably. These abnormal cells tend to have a longer life span as compared to healthy cells and tend to build up in the body. These further multiply, giving rise to a new generation of abnormal cells with every division. The process continues, while cancer progresses. Gradually the healthy cells die and are replaced by these abnormal cells, throughout the body. These also have the tendency to form a solid mass known as a tumour. Cancer cells can break free from the tumour and enter the bloodstream, from where they can spread to different areas of the body. This is commonly referred to as metastasis. The top cancer doctor in Pune suggests that it is usually seen during the later stages of cancer.

Getting familiar with the complications associated with cancer

We all know that cancer is progressive in nature, which means that the patient's condition worsens as time passes. It holds the potential to invade different areas of the body, targeting multiple organs and giving rise to complications that can pose a serious threat to your life. It is pertinent to note that these complications can be a result of both, primary, as well as secondary cancer.

  • Malnourishment - Although many people do not know this malnourishment happens to be the leading cause of death in patients whose cancer has advanced to a later stage. This is not only due to the loss of appetite, which is very common in such patients but also due to the fact that certain tumours can obstruct the digestive tract or drastically impact the body's ability to absorb nutrients from the food. In some cases, it is not only the disease but also the treatment that you are undergoing for it, which leads to the loss of appetite. Malnutrition can increase muscle wasting and lead to fatigue and cognitive difficulties. Not only this, it can even disturb your immune system, making you even more vulnerable to further complications.
  • Lack of oxygen - This is more likely to be experienced by people who have lung cancer. Lung tumours can not only lead to blockage but, can also cause your lungs to collapse and become dysfunctional. As a result of this, the lungs are not able to absorb enough oxygen and supply the same to the heart. This leads to the deficiency of oxygenated blood in the body and can even result in breathing difficulties and increased susceptibility to lung infections.
  • Hypercalcemia - The condition is marked by the excessive build-up of calcium in the body and is usually associated with malignancies related to the bones. The problem is serious and can impair the functioning of your heart and kidneys as well. This is also known to disturb normal brain function and even lead to coma or death.

To know more about the complication associated with cancer, consult the experts from the best hospital in Pune today.