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When you eat anything, do you ever consider how it is going to affect your liver? For most of us the answer is 'No', and for those who do, it is usually because they have been recommended by their doctor to do so. Liver problems have become a growing concern among the masses, one of the major reasons being unhealthy eating habits and a stagnant lifestyle. Whatever we eat, has a direct or indirect impact on various organs in our body. This includes our liver as well.

The liver is the largest gland in our body that plays a very important role in regulating various metabolic functions. The liver also helps to purify the blood of all the unwanted chemicals and toxins. Liver specialists in Mumbai suggest that unhealthy eating habits can drastically impact your liver, making it more prone to various diseases and ailments.

Whether you are diagnosed with a liver problem, are at a higher risk of developing a liver problem or, are completely healthy, it is important to avoid food that can harm your liver and rather Resort to a healthy and nutritious diet. While most people talk about eating healthy, in this blog, we have solely focussed on foods that you should refrain from eating for the sake of your liver, with the help of experts specialising in liver transplant in Pune.

Fries - Who doesn't love French fries? Be it small children or adults, we all loved too much on fries. But, what suits your pallet is not necessarily good for you. French fries are the most common fatty foods that are eaten across the globe. As we all know, the liver is responsible for breaking and converting fats into energy. When you eat french fries or any other party food, there is an excessive workload on your liver. Sometimes the liver is not able to break down the fats completely and they start to accumulate, making you more susceptible to fatty liver disease. People who eat french fries and other fatty foods on a daily basis, are highly vulnerable to many liver problems. Instead of grabbing a pack of fries, you can rather go for a healthier alternative like berries.

Cheeseburger - Skipping home-cooked meals and grabbing a cheeseburger from your favourite food joint surely seems like a good plan, but it is definitely not good for your liver. Foods like cheeseburgers are loaded with saturated fats that are one of your biggest enemies. Experts from the best hospital in India suggest that a regular cheeseburger can contain as many as 16 grams of saturated fat, which is enough to damage your organs if taken on a regular basis. Instead of buying a burger, you should rather try making one for yourself. This way you will know the exact amount of calories and fat that are going in. You can also opt for a healthy alternative like whole-wheat bread instead of white bread.

Whipped Cream - If you are thinking about how whipped cream can benefit you, there is practically no use because there is nothing about it apart from the delicious taste. It might make your food taste better but at the same time, it is going to make you more vulnerable to various liver problems. Whipped cream is loaded with calories, sugar and saturated fats, all of which can damage your blood vessels. So, next time you go to your favourite coffee shop, don't forget to add the phrase ' without whipped cream' at the end of your order.

Alcohol - Well, this is something that you would already be knowing. We have just elaborated a little further. All the toxins present in our blood are filtered by the liver. When we drink alcohol, the level of toxins increases, putting an excess workload on the liver. You will be surprised to know that some liver cells might even die while filtering your favourite drink. This can lead to scarring and make you more vulnerable to Cirrhosis. This especially holds for people who drink on daily basis. You should try giving up the practice altogether and even if you do not wish to do, at least try drinking in moderation.

Next time you are planning to eat something, do not forget to consider your liver and its well being.