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The ongoing Global crisis has undoubtedly been challenging, but as they say, 'the show must go on.' The pandemic is no excuse for completely shutting down work, and while many companies are thriving hard to keep their operations going, others have resorted to the option of Work from Home. No doubt, a lot of you must be enjoying working from the comfort of your homes, at your own ease. With literally 0 commute periods, you now have more time at your hands to spend with your family and do things that you love. Most of us have adapted to this new work routine. Wake up every morning, sit next to your system, and get started.

There are many pros of working from home, but there are certain cons as well, and these should not be overlooked, especially when you know that the pandemic is not going to end any soon. As per the leading spine surgery specialists in Pune, the number of reported back pain cases has significantly increased amidst the pandemic. Many reasons may be held accountable for it, and maintaining a wrong posture tops the list. Especially with the winters around, it must seem so cosy and comfy to work while lounging in your bed or slouching on your sofa, but we know where it is going to take you.

A perfect workspace is one that makes you feel productive, and that's surely not what lounging in your bed is going to do. It is important to set up a proper workspace; a little corner of your room would suffice. You may also need to invest a little to buy the right chair. Doctors specializing in spine pain treatment in Mumbai suggest that it is pertinent to understand that different body types have different requirements. There is no specific chair type that fits all. You need to do a little research and choose a chair that supports your spine.

Go Ergonomic

Ergonomics refers to the applied science of designing and arranging objects around you to make it easier for you to interact with them efficiently and safely. When the same science is applied to your working environment, it is referred to as workplace ergonomics. While you are working from home, it becomes much easier for you to control your work environment, and you can alter it to ensure higher productivity and lower health risks. This calls for the need for a proper office setup.

Here are a few more workplace ergonomic tips recommended by the experts from the best orthopedic hospital in Pune.

  • Keep your neck straight while looking at your computer screen – Place your system at a suitable viewing height so that you neither have to bend your neck down nor raise it upwards. Avoid changing the angle of your screen frequently, as this calls for the need to twist your neck, which, again, is not good for your back. Instead, you can try using a separate screen or use a pile of books to elevate your laptop to a comfortable level.
  • Limit your screen time- People are working hours in front of the screen and then spending some more hours watching their favourite series or movies. Well, your laptop needs a break, and so do you. There are plenty of other things that you can do after your office hours, rather than binge-watching your favourite series.
  • Stretch a little – Take frequent breaks from work and stretch a little. You need to relieve the stress that is piling up in your back muscles. You can learn simple stretching techniques online and practice these during your work intervals.