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Knee arthritis is more of an epidemic in our country and it is expected that in the coming decade it might even make a place among the five most common causes of physical disability in Indians. You will be surprised to know that more than 15 crore Indians are presently living with knee problems and while the problem is mostly associated with elderlies, these figures include younger generations too. Women tend to become more susceptible to knee problems after they cross 50 years of age, and this could possibly be due to the decreased levels of estrogen post-menopause. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to develop such problems after they cross 60.

Every now and then, you will meet someone complaining of knee pain and how it is affecting the quality of their life, and they are not to be blamed as the problem does have a significant impact on your overall lifestyle. Robotic knee surgery in Pune has proved to be a boon for such people as it helps to treat the underlying problem with much more efficiency and precision. Despite tremendous improvement in the treatment modalities, there are several myths associated with knee pain. In this blog, we have busted some such myths for you.

Myth 1 - Knee pain is always caused by an underlying knee problem

Whenever we have any pain, we directly relate it to the area of the body where it is being experienced and this is the reason why knee pain is usually believed to be the result of a problem related to the knee. However, this is not the case always. It is quite possible that the pain has radiated from some other part of the body to the knee and has not originated from the knee itself. The area of origin could be the lower back, hips, ankles or even thighs. The underlying reason may also vary from one person to another, and while for some it can be degenerative joint disease, for others it can be an injury or infection.

Myth 2 - We are all going to experience knee pain as we grow old

Knee pain or any other problem related to it is usually associated with advancing age, and this could be possibly due to the fact that elderly people are more vulnerable to these. However, as per the expert specialising in knee replacement in Pune, ageing is not the only risk factor, but one of the risk factors, and there are several others factors that need to be taken into account. It is important to understand that you can easily manage such risk factors by taking extra care of your knees and indulging in habits that help to strengthen them. You need to focus on your diet and maintain a healthy weight by indulging in more physical activities. This is important because extra body weight can put an additional strain on your knees, thereby worsening your knee pain.

Myth 3 - Indulging in physical activities can cause your knee pain to become worse

This is a very common misconception, based on the belief that knee pain can be treated with rest alone. So, instead of indulging in activities people sit down in one place, waiting for their pain to go automatically. However, this isn't really going to work. Even need to understand that physical activity is very important to keep our knees in a good shape. This does not mean that you need to take part in rigorous physical activities, but even the mild and moderate ones would do wonders for your knees. Even experts offering the best joint surgery in India recommend their patients to go for physiotherapy, which involves various exercises that help to strengthen their knees and improve their range of motion.

Myth 4 - Steroid injections give you permanent relief from knee pain

Steroid injections do work miraculously when it comes to alleviating knee pain but these do not give permanent results. The effect is temporary or short-term and is usually recommended for patients with unbearable pain. It is important to understand that taking too many steroid injections can be to side effects and that is why you cannot use them on regular basis.

To know more about knee pain and how it can be managed, consult experts from the best hospital in Mumbai today.