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In a cardiac transplant, a diseased heart is replaced with a healthy heart with the help of surgery. It is done in patients with chronic heart ailments. The heart transplant is the final option/ procedure when other treatments have failed, leading to heart failure. Heart transplant in India is offered at all the leading hospitals.

Major surgeries return with loss of mobility, muscle mass, aerobic capacity, and body balance. Therefore it is a must to ensure your factors in the lifestyle that help in fast recovery.

If you are someone recovering from a heart transplant, we will cover everything you need to know.


The first phase in post-surgery is recovery. Most patients stay in the ICU for two to three days after the transplant, depending on the recovery base. A physical therapist works to build up the stamina and strength of the body. During this period, the patient is also asked to maintain their activity level and encouraged to walk throughout the room and sit and stand. Besides the physical therapist, a nutritional therapist is there to educate about the body's nutritional requirements. The therapists and the doctors, along with family members, make sure that the post to recovery period in the hospital is utilized as much as it can be.


The post-recovery period is when doctors decide to discharge the patient. Once the medical team realizes that there are no outstanding medical issues, the doctors outrun some significant tests, and then you will be discharged from the hospital. Make sure you live near the hospital for up to 12 weeks to be easier to visit for regular checkups.

As per the best heart surgeon in Pune, the most important thing after the discharge is to regularly monitor blood pressure, body weight, and body temperature. This gives indications if the body is reacting positively towards the surgery. Even if there is something other than usual in the body, you are required to consult your physician and do not take any medicine without a prescription. The pulse rate is also another factor taken into consideration after the recovery. So, you are required to monitor the pulse rate both at rest and during the activity period.

Exercise and Nutritional Guidelines

To promote the overall well-being of the body post-surgery, it is vital to continue exercise programs to increase the body's aerobic capacity and mobility. It is also necessary to maintain nutritional balance in the body to recover at a faster pace. If you want to ensure the complications, consult a physician and a nutritional therapist for the same.

For the first 6 to 8 weeks, it is required to have a mild activity period that includes walking and breathing exercises. Anything that makes your chest stiff and uncomfortable must be avoided at all costs. You can also perform stretching, warm-up exercises, and cycling with the instructions from your physical therapist.

Post a significant surgery; the body has a loss of muscle mass, resulting in extreme weight loss and weakness in the body. In case you go underweight, it is essential to reach the ideal body weight to include healthy fats and protein-rich foods in your diet. However, do not forget that excess salts and carbohydrates can increase cholesterol and glucose levels in the body, leading to another coronary artery disease leading to risk factors to the heart.

Mental Health

Heart transplant is life-changing surgery, and most of the time, the risk factors are more than the chances of survival. It can take a toll on the mental health of the patient. In many cases, the patients develop chronic mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. A mental health therapist can help you guide through post-surgery depression to maintain good mental health.

Surgery is complicated, and so is our health. So it is vital to make sure that you have essential professional helpers with you to ensure that you are doing fine. Also, do not forget to educate yourself about your body and its requirements. To know more, you can consult the best doctor in India at Jupiter Hospital.