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Knee injuries are debilitating and can cause intense pain. Your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a tissue band of ligaments that support the knee bones together. The ACL helps in forestalling your shinbone from sliding out in front of your thighbone. If you think that you are suffering from an ACL tear, you can consult a Sports Injury treatment doctor in Mumbai.

What Is ACL Injury?

An ACL injury is either a tear or strain. When people are playing sports, then ACL injury or sprain or tear can occur. There is an intense risk for athletes in activities that includes sudden stops, jumping and landing, or sports, which require sudden changes in direction. Many individuals who feel that they have an ACL injury may have heard a “loud pop” in their knee when the injury occurs. The knee can swell, painful, unstable and may not be able to hold your weight.

A milder ACL injury can generally be handled by rest and physical therapy that comfort you pick up your knee stability and strength. In more severe cases, surgery may be called for to replace the torn ligament accompanied by physical therapy.

What Is an ACL Tear?

An ACL tear is when the ACL is really torn. The tear can be complete or limited.

What Is an ACL Sprain?

An ACL sprain is when the ACL is overstretched (but not broken). If you have an ACL sprain, get the best Sports Injury treatment in Pune.

How to Distinguish between ACL Tear and ACL Sprain?

ACL injuries are classified from 1 to 3.

  • Grade 1 Sprain: There is minimal swelling and some microscopic damage of the ACL, but the ligament is unharmed, and the joint is secure. Typically, surgery is not required.
  • Grade 2 Sprain (Partial Disruption): Some damage has taken place, and there is a split of the ligament fibers. It results in moderate knee instability. Based on the individual’s activity level and the rate of instability, this grade may or may not call for surgery.
  • Grade 3 Sprain (Complete Disruption): There is a full tear in the ligament fibers. The ligament is utterly disrupted, and there is a weak knee joint. Surgery is consistently needed.

What are the Signs You Should Look for in ACL Tear?

If you hear a big pop in your knee when you’re being wounded, accompanied by swelling, pain, and knee instability, chances are you have an ACL tear.

Get To Know the Symptoms of an ACL Tear

Get the Sports Injury treatment in Mumbai if you see any of the following signs. Signs of an ACL injury usually include:

  • An emphatic “popping” in the knee
  • Severe pain
  • Rapid swelling
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Knee instability where the knee feels like it will cave in and cannot hold the weight.

How to Diagnose an ACL Tear?

For Sports Injury treatment in Mumbai, your doctor will manipulate your knee to examine if there is an ACL tear. Imaging tests, such as an MRI or X-rays (to determine out a fracture), may also be done.

How to Prevent an ACL Tear?

You can help forestall an ACL tear by:

Exercise training that reinforces your leg muscles and core lower belly, gut and hips). Exercise training that strengthens the good sports techniques and knee position for pivoting, piercing, skipping and landing motions.

When Should You Visit a Doctor for an ACL Tear?

Visit the Orthopaedics hospital in Mumbai right away if any knee injury causes popping noises or other symptoms of an ACL injury to understand how intense the injury is and to get prompt proper treatment.