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Headaches come without a warning sign and can drastically affect your ability to indulge in normal day to day activities. These may be triggered by an external factor or an underlying medical problem. Headaches have been associated with a variety of different conditions and this is the reason why persistent headaches should not be taken for granted. Headaches can be managed with the help of medication but, there are certainly other ways that can help to bid adieu to the problem. We have listed some of these in this blog with the help of experts from the best neurology hospital in India.


  • Use a cold pack - Cold pain is known to relieve musculoskeletal pain, but did you know these can also prove to be effective in managing headaches? You can make your own ice pack by wrapping ice cubes in a towel and compressing it gently against your forehead for about 15 minutes. In case it is not possible to make an ice pack, you can simply take a cold shower. This is best suited for the summer season.
  • Use a heating pad - As cold packs are best suited for the summer season, heating pads can be sued in the winter season, although it is not mandatory. Heating pads are highly recommended for tension headaches as the heat helps to relieve tension. You can use it to compress your forehead, shoulders and neck. Those who have sinus headaches can also try taking a warm shower.
  • Ease pressure on your scalp - Sometimes, the headache can be a result of external pressure or strain, which may be caused by multiple factors like using a tight headgear, or making a tight ponytail. Best doctors in Pune suggest that this leads to a continuous strain, which can only be relieved by removing the headgear or loosening your ponytail.
  • Stay in dim lights - Exposure to bright lights can also trigger headaches. This includes sunlight, room lights, or lights emitted by the computer screen on mobiles. So the best possible way to manage the problem is by covering your windows, lowering the brightness of your devices and wearing sunglasses while going out. You can also try adding an anti-glare screen to your computer or laptop.
  • Avoid chewing food excessively - As per the doctors from the best neurology hospital in Mumbai, excessive chewing can not only lead to painful jaws but also trigger headaches. But it is not the gum that is causing the pain, but the chewing action and the same is likely to happen if you chew any other hard object, that requires too much force.
  • Stay hydrated - It has been found that staying dehydrated or not drinking enough water can give rise to many symptoms and headache is one of these. However, the problem can be easily taken care of if you take fluids and make sure you stay hydrated all the time.
  • Take some caffeine - If you have a headache, the first thing that comes to mind is coffee. This is good news for all the caffeine lovers as you now have one more reason to drink coffee.
  • Try some relaxation techniques - Practising relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and stretching can also prove to be very useful in relieving headaches. All you need to do is take out some time and spend it trying some simple asanas.
  • Give yourself a good head massage - Nothing feels as good as a couple of minutes of head massage, whether you have a headache or not. It helps to relieve stress and pain. You need to target the temples and other painful areas by rotating your fingers in circular motions.
  • Take some ginger - It has been recently found that taking ginger on a daily basis can help to ease headaches to a great extent. The best way to do so is by adding some ginger to your tea or soup. You can skip this one if you do not like ginger.