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For many people, chronic neck pain is a daily reality that they have to face and bear. It refers to the pain that is experienced in and around the spine, just below the head. This area of the spine is commonly referred to as the cervical spine. Top experts specializing in spine surgery in Pune suggest that the intensity of neck pain can vary from one person to another and while it may last for a few days in some cases, in others it may be experienced for years. People commonly use medication, heat or cold therapy to manage the problem, but these may not necessarily work for everyone.

Sometimes you need to do a combination of things that collectively contribute to easing your neck pain. We have mentioned some of the lesser-known tips that can prove to be quite effective in helping you get rid of your neck pain. These are:

Choose your chair wisely - When you are going to buy a chair, don't just go for the looks and prioritise comfort as well. Choose a chair that will support your neck. You will be surprised to know that the chair that you are sitting in determines your posture to a great extent and when your posture is wrong, it induces extra stress on your spine. So, it is always better to use a chair with a headrest which can help you to rest your cervical sign in a neutral position. Your posture should be such that your ears are always above your shoulders. If you are driving on a regular basis, you can also use a headrest in your car seat.

Use a water pillow - Ever heard about a water pillow? You guessed it right, it does contain water. It is a special type of pillow with therapeutic properties, that provides continuous support to your neck and head while you are fast asleep at night. It is a perfect option for you if you have been experiencing difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep at night, owing to your neck pain. You should definitely consider trying it if your neck pain is drastically impacting the quality of your sleep.

Consider going for physical therapy - Experts specializing in spine pain treatment in Mumbai suggest that physical therapy can do wonders for people suffering from chronic neck pain and stiffness, especially that caused by an injury or wrong posture. The therapy not only aims at relieving the pain but also at strengthening the weak areas that are more prone to such problems. However, it is very important to see a specialised physiotherapist and follow the routine curated by them as different types of neck pain are to be addressed via different approaches.

Swim away from the pain - Have you been limiting your physical activities due to your neck pain? It's high time you get back into action, and the best way to do so is swimming. Lifting heavy weight or indulging in activities that put an additional strain on your spine is quite likely to worsen the problem, but when you are inside the water, the buoyancy helps to cancel some of the weight, thereby lowering the strain on your spine. It is important to know that some swim strokes can contribute to the pain and hence you need to discuss the option with your doctor before entering the pool.

Go for meditation - Do you know what is the best-known way of relieving physical and mental stress? The answer is meditation. Quite often we are not able to understand the link between meditation and decreased neck pain but the explanation is simple. Mindful meditation can help you build a connection with the muscles in your body and you can even envision the pain moving out. It may take a little time to understand and get used to it but it has shown positive results in many cases.

If you are still finding it difficult to manage your neck pain and want to consult a doctor for the same, you can book an appointment with our experts at the best orthopaedic hospital in Pune.